Welcome to the Breyer Box and Packaging website. This site is an extension of my Box and Ad Gallery as well as my Box Blog.  This will be a permanent home for articles and images from my blog and an easier way for collectors to find what they are looking for.

    Some may ask why anyone would be interested in writing about packaging, but for many collectors (myself included) some of the packaging is just as neat and worth saving as the models, dolls and accessories themselves!

     This website is always under construction. 

With Picasa albums on google no longer existing I have had to add links to the albums there below.  

Gallery Links to Google Photos : Breyer Boxes/Packaging








Doll Packages (all years)

Animal Packages (all years)

 Holiday Horses and ornaments (all years)

Box Stickers, Hang Tags, Model Stickers (all years)

Breyer Ads 1950s-1970s

Breyer Ads 1980s-current


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